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May 5, 2013

What Should I Do With This Blog?

Hello readers, I obviously haven't been on Blogger for a while now. I don't have much time lately and honestly, I started getting bored blogging about Blogger. Sounds terrible doesn't it?

I have been trying to think of a new direction for this blog, but I'm not sure where to go with it. I want to keep the .com name, InBlogger, but how could I use that name for another type of blog? Perhaps a blog about what's "In" right now as far as food, clothing, celebrities, what are your suggestions? Maybe a blog about other blogs that are popular, that's not too original though. Hmmm... I'm open to your suggestions.

I've also thought about selling the domain. Do you think anybody would want it? I'm looking for feedback from the community. That's about it, send me your best ideas and maybe something will click.

Thanks for reading my blog, and please look me up on Facebook.


Jan 24, 2012

Something I Found Today

I recently reformatted my PC due to it's slow performance and for some reason, the Calculator tool is missing. I hit the calculator button on my keyboard and it shows that it's opening, but it never does. I have already made all of my adjustments and downloaded my programs again, so I don't really want to reformat again any time soon.

I was looking for a good online calculator to use and discovered that I can use Google as a calculator! Where have I been?

It's super easy too. Simply enter your math problem into Google search and it gives you the answer.

Google Search Calculator Function, use Google as a calculator
This may be an old feature, but it's new to me.

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Jan 19, 2012

How To Remove "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" Link

Whenever you start a new blog on Blogger, you are lucky enough to get that link at the very bottom that invites reader to Subscribe to: Posts (Atom). Some of you might like it and that's fine. Some of you, like myself, have opted to put a flashier subscribe button some where else on your blog, and who needs two subscribe to RSS links?

It is a very simple operation to remove it form your blog.

Simply go to Design> Edit HTML> Expand Widgets
From there search for this code: <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/> and delete it. Done!

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Jan 18, 2012

Websites Going Black In Protest Of SOPA & PIPA And How You Can Too

Have you been to Wikipedia today? Craigslist? How about Reddit? If you have you undoubtedly notice something different about them.  These sites along with hundreds of others have gone "black" in protest of two anti-piracy bills currently under consideration on Capitol Hill, SOPA and PIPA.

Supporters of the bills claim that the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Acts will protect the rights of the music industry, movies studios, and the television industry. Those who don't support these bills see them as censorship of the internet. If you would like to read more about these bills, I found a good article over at

Here is a small list of websites participating in the protest today:

Firefox's Start Page

These are just a few out of thousands of websites.

If you don't agree with SOPA and PIPA, click the link below and sign the petition.

If you'd like to "Black Out" your blog for the day simply go to:

Design> Add A Gadget> HTML> and add the following code;

<script type="text/javascript">var a=new Date,b=a.getUTCHours();if(0==a.getUTCMonth()&&2012==a.getUTCFullYear()&&((18==a.getUTCDate()&&13<=b)||(19==a.getUTCDate()&&0>=b)))window.location="";</script>

This works great and you can remove the gadget easily when you want to stop the protest. I blocked the rest of my blogs and this code worked great.

Jan 14, 2012

How to Create an "Email Me" Link

add an email link to your blog or website
You know when you go to a fancy website and they have an "email me", or "contact us" link that you click on and it opens your email program? Want to put one on your blog? Sure you do!

But Why?

One thing, it makes it a lot easier for your visitors. They don't have to copy your email address, open their email, and paste your address to send you an email, one click and they're done.

Another great reason to use a link is to avoid junk mail. Spammers search the internet for email addresses to send their crap to, so if you post your email address on your blog, they will find it. Using a link for your email will help to hide your address from these junk mail junkies.

All you have to do is copy and paste this code anywhere you'd like to have an "email me" link.

<a href="">Email Me</a>

Make sure to change the part that says "" to your email. You can also change the "Email Me" text to whatever you'd like.

Hope this helps!
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